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...those who are responding to God's call to serve in their

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Praying each week for our partners, 

their families, and their specific mission.


By giving to East Park's general funds you

will be supporting our partners financial needs.


Giving to care packages as opportunities arise and

engaging in updates and newsletters about out partner's work.

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  • Jesudoss & paulrani

    bangalore, india

    Development through Education nad Rehabilitation (DEAR) works among the vulnerable and exploited LGBT community in India, where people are often denied employment, medical assistance, and even public transportation. As a nurse, God first placed love for these people on Paulrani's heart. Hearing their stories, Jesudoss and Paulrani's vision grew into a great desire to see these people shown dignity and compassion through relationship, where they could express the love of Christ in a non-judgemental way.

    Their ministry involves visiting people where they work and live. They offer bible studies and hold monthly meetings where they teach morals and ethics, de-addiction, depression coping, counseling, health awareness, nutrition and small savings. They also have medical help available and they learn to play sports and receive vocational training. Jesudoss and Paulrani's three children, Finny, Fanny and Jeffry, have also committed their lives to the uplifting of this community in Bangalore.

    Click here for more information on the work that Jesudoss and Paulrani are doing in India.

  • Ron & lisa ramsey

    gjilan, kosovo

    Ron and Lisa Ramsey are serving with Christian & Missionary Alliance in post-war Gjilan, where struggles with a poor infrastructure and economy have resulted in an unemployment rate of 45-50 percent. With less than 0.1 percent of the population following Jesus in a city of approximately 130,000, there is a great need for His message of hope. Ron works alongside young Kosovar leaders to train them in small business development. Lisa has founded the Agape Change Counseling Clinic which provides clinical counseling, career counseling and professional counselor training.

    People in Kosovo are so disillusioned by the lack of jobs, government, corruption and ostracization from the rest of the world that some have simply lost hope. Through community development and discipleship, it's Ron and Lisa's intent to share the good news of God's love with the Kosovar people. As political and social tensions rise, the national believers who Ron and Lisa work with have begun leading friends and family to Jesus like the team has never before seen.

    Click here for more information on the work that Ron and Lisa are doing in Kosovo.

  • Chuenjit mangkaew

    bangkok, thailand

    Since 2004, Chuenjit has been involved in the lives of young people in Bangkok. She visits kids age 14-17 in the Youth Detention enter to conduct Bible studies and teach basic life skills.

    Often, these "at risk" youths are only in the center for a short period of time before returning to the community and they frequently lack direction in their lives. Chuenjit continues to assist and encourage them as they reintegrate into school or work. Her vision is to help them develop good habits and learn new skills as well as grow in Christ.

    Chuenjit has a real love for young people and, as a single woman, has dedicated her life to helping "at risk" youth. Having worked on a church staff for over 20 years God has really challenged her about reaching the unreached. As Thailand is such an unreached nation, it's exciting to be able to partner with someone like her.

    Click here for more information on the work that Cheunjit is doing in Thailand.

  • John & Nok Pramuan

    BangKok, Thailand

    John and Nok are transitioning from being heavily involved in the ‘front end’ of the church planting ministry to the training and supporting of those in the field.

    As the generations of church planters expand there is a growing need for support and training both of the new church planters and also of pastors so churches are able to capably support their people and train others to do the same.

    Their role is to train the trainers who in turn go out to teach others who are leading these new, small local house groups.

    John especially is involved in an expanding ministry in the north of Thailand, and the couple have been involved in training missionaries from surrounding countries in church planting.

    Click here for more information on the work that Jon and Nok are doing in Thailand.

  • good news team

    bangkok, thailand

    The Good News Team (GNT)shares the hope of Jesus with hundreds of thousands of children in Thailand. The GNT's primary outreach tool is a correspondence course consisting of 24 lessons broken down into thee course studies., with material that's fun to read and attractive to children. Upon completion of the first course, children receive a New Testament. When the child becomes a Christian, they are linked with a church in their area. The GNT also hosts several camps in the summer and visits schools around the country to put on puppet shows that share God's love. Since 1981, they have distributed roughly 300,000 comic-style magazines to the schools they visit.

    The gospel is powerful, touching hearts and changing not only the lives of children but also the lives of their friends and parents. Each month, approximately 200-300 children accept Jesus as their Savior. Nearly everyday, the GNT receives at least one letter from someone who has prayed to receive salvation or is excited about their new life in Christ. The GNT has a small staff of 12, yet they are able to respond to every letter.

    Click here for more information on the work that the Good News Team is doing in Thailand.