"Is The Ladder of Your Life On The Right Wall?"  |  01/02/22

Study Questions

1.  Read Matthew 28:19.  Describe what it means to live with kingdom purpose.  How does that translate for you at home?  In your marriage?  In your workplace?  At church?

2.  Read Philippians 3:13-14, 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.  What is the difference between straining for what’s ahead and just being in the race?

3.  How can we misunderstand grace when it comes to making an effort to live for God once we are saved?

4.  What would it look like for you to live for God with the intensity He deserves from you? 

5.  God gives us spiritual gifts “for the common good”. How has God equipped you to serve those at East Park? 

6. Take a piece of paper.  Draw a line across it.  If the right hand end represents living 100% in His purpose for you, and the left was loving a life totally independent of Him, where would you put yourself on that line? (Don’t use this as a guilt-trip, or be falsely modest.)  Now ask yourself: "what the main things are that keep you away from where you want to be?"  How could you simplify your life to enable you to actually live for Him this year?

"It's Not About Sunday, It's All About Monday"  |  09/13/20

Study Questions

1.  Read Exodus 14:31, 16:4 and 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.  How has God used these last 6 months to develop your faith?

     a)  In what ways do you realize you have perhaps missed or resisted the opportunity to grow?

2.  It’s not about Sunday, it’s all about Monday.  What is the role of Sunday (weekend gatherings) in the life of a Christian?  

     a)  How can you encourage someone this week?

3.  Think about the ‘dead horses’ in your life—the things that prop up your faith but actually don’t grow your faith.  What changes in priorities or values or activities do you sense God wants you to make in order to ‘make room’ for actual spiritual growth?

4.  With the Prayer and Fasting week starting, share how you are planning to participate, and think of how you can encourage and spur others on in doing this too.