Partnering with and Empowering...

...those who are responding to God's call to serve in their communities and beyond.  At East Park, we support partners through...

Praying:  We pray each week for our partners, their families and their specific mission.

Giving:  By giving to East Park's general funds, you will be supporting our partners' financial needs.

Caring:  You care by giving to care packages as opportunities arise and engaging in updates and newsletters about our partners' work.

international partner

Ron and Lisa Ramsey, Kosovo

Ron and Lisa are serving with CAMA in post-war Gjilan, where struggles with a poor infrastructure and economy have resulted in a high unemployment rate and less than 0.1 percent of the population following Jesus.  Ron works alongside young Kosovar leaders to train them in small-business development.  Lisa runs a counseling center where she is raising up a new generation of Kosovar counselors.  

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International Partner

Chuenjit Mangkaew, Thailand

Chuenjit works with highly 'at-risk' young people (14-17 year olds) in the Youth Detention Centre north of Bangkok where she conducts Bible studies as well as teaches basic life skills.  These young people are often only in the Detention Centre for a short period of time (1-3 months) after which they return to the community.  Chuenjit continues to assist and encourage them as they reintegrate into school or work.  Her vision is to help them develop good habits and learn new skills as well as to grow in Christ. 

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international partner

The Good News Team, Thailand

The Good News Team (GNT) shares the hope of Jesus with hundreds of thousands of children in Thailand.  The GNT's primary outreach tool is a correspondence course with material that is fun to read and attractive to children.  Participants receive a New Testament and are linked with a church in their area.  The GNT hosts camps and visits schools around the country to put on puppet shows that share God's love.  They have distributed over 300,000 comic-style magazines to the schools they visit.  Each month, approximately 200-300 children accept Jesus as Savior.  The gospel is powerful, touching the hearts and changing the lives of these children and also the lives of their friends and parents.

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INternational Partner

These Partners Work In A Closed Country So Their Identities Are Protected

Development through Education and Rehabilitation (DEAR) is a unique mission, working chiefly among the transgender and LGBTQ+ communities who are among the most vulnerable people in that country. For whatever reason, they find themselves living on the streets, stigmatized, abused and in mortal danger. Our partners have chosen to support them, encourage them, love them unconditionally and non-judgementally, sharing the gospel with them, leading many transgender communities and bible studies.

international partner

John and Nok Prauman, Thailand

In November 2009, a Bangkok church planting training ignited a passion in the hearts of a small group of trainees, including John and Nok.  The group began evangelizing and started many churches among the 60 million Buddhists in Thailand and the surrounding nations.  John and Nok believe that this is harvest time for Thailand and are both fully involved in training church planters and ministering to their needs.  They are totally convinced about their roles leading a church planting movement in Thailand, which traditionally has not been an easy place to plant churches. They are a key couple with a great dream and a mighty God who loves Thai people.

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