Too Good To Be True


Part 1: Too Good to be True: Is Jesus the Real Deal? |  3/21/21

Study Questions

1. What’s the purpose of testing things?

2. Read John 8 v12, 31, 51 and 58. What was Jesus really saying about who He was?

3. Read John 8:2946. Why is it essential that Jesus was sinless?

4. Read John 8:47. If Jesus was God, why isn’t it obvious to everyone?

5. Why can’t we approach purely on an intellectual level? What are some truths about God and His character that don’t make sense to us humanly?

6. How did Jesus going to the Cross:

          a) Seem like evidence He wasn’t God

          b) Actually prove He was God

7. Jesus didn’t leave room for partial belief or sitting on the fence about His claim to be God. What is your response to Jesus being fully God?

Part 2: Too Good to be True: Is Jesus Reliable? |  3/28/21

Study Questions

1.  John 11:6 says that Jesus waited another two days despite knowing Lazarus was near death.  How does this challenge your view of God and how He should act?  

     a)  Why do we believe God’s love shouldn’t allow suffering?


2.  How do our expectations of God makes us miss out on what God is doing in our lives?

3.  Read John 11:14.  What is God’s purpose in allowing uncomfortable/challenging situations in our lives? 

     a)  How should we respond if we want to submit to God’s will? 

     b)  How does appreciating Gods timeframe help us have confidence in difficult situations?

4.  Lazarus’ death was not about Lazarus at all.  It was for the benefit of those who witnessed it.  How does this affect your attitude to current challenges you’re facing?

5.  Read John 11:25 and 17:3.  What does resurrection life look like right now?

6.  Go around the group and answer this question: What circumstances are tempting me to think that God is unreliable right now?  What will it look like for me to trust God with those circumstances this week? 

Part 3: Too Good to be True: Is Jesus Lord?  |  04/04/21

Study Questions

1.  What does it mean for Jesus to be LORD?

2.  Josephus’ historical account states that Jesus lived and was crucified.  Discuss the impact of Jesus without the resurrection versus his impact because of it?

3.  Read John 10:17-18.  Why didn't Jesus use His authority over death to prevent His death or to save us in some other way?

4.  Read John 20:26-29 Thomas didn’t believe the disciples who told him Jesus was alive.  Is it possible to believe Jesus is Lord without faith?  Why?

5.  Read Isaiah 55:9.  How does faith interact with reason? 

6.  Christ’s resurrection was evidence that the power of sin and death had been broken.  How have you experienced the power of God’s resurrection in your life?

Part 4: Too Good to be True: Is Jesus Necessary?  |  04/11/21

Study Questions

1. What are some ways that you have experienced suffering in the past year?

2. When life seems out of control, what kind of thoughts and emotions do you experience?

3. How does our view of suffering change when we see Jesus as the Suffering Messiah?

4. Read 1 Peter 3:18-22. What are some ways we can experience Resurrection Life in Jesus while we are experiencing suffering?

5. What are some ways we can show the grace of Jesus by making ourselves present in the suffering of others?