Songs of the season


Part 1: The Song of the Revolution  |  12/06/20

Study Questions

1.  Mary and Elizabeth were both coming from places of social stigma and shame.  Discuss how their miraculous pregnancies changed their lives.

2.  What places of shame might God want to transform in your life and use you to showcase His power instead?  

     a)  What would it take for you to be able to magnify the Lord in your situation?

3.  Read Luke 1:50.  What has God's mercy meant in your life?

4.  Read Luke 1:51-53.  Why does it take God’s power to really change communities and social injustice?

5.  Share the effect Jesus has had in your life.  What behavior or situation is in your life right now that you sense God wants to use His power to change?  

     a)  What would choosing to believe this change is possible with God, look like for you? 

6.  Compare Luke 1:38 with verses 46-47.  How is joy related to surrender?  

     a)  How have you experienced this correlation recently?

Part 2: The Song of God's Faithfulness  |  12/13/20

Study Questions

1.  What is your song - how has your life changed because of Jesus? 

2.  Zechariah’s confidence going into the future came from knowing Gods faithfulness in the past.  How does this encourage you right now?  

     a)  What “standing stones” are in your life that you can look back on as proof of God’s work and power in your life?


3.  Scholars estimate there were approximately 20, 000 priests in Zechariah’s day, so the odds of getting selected to offer incense that day were more than slim.  Reflect on the perfect timing of God and how it relates to your situation today.

4.  John means “God is a gracious giver”.  How does this speak to what seems impossible to us?

5. Read Luke 1:68.  Zechariah’s first words after the birth of his son were not focused on himself but on God’s bigger plan.  How do the details of your life serve Gods bigger plan?

6. Read Luke 1:76-79.  How can you “prepare the way” for God in people’s lives?  Who can you tell about the “tender mercy of our God”?  Pray for opportunities with these specific people.

Part 3: The Song of Life and Death  |  12/20/20

Study Questions

1.  Read Luke 2:22-35.  Simeon was waiting for God to fulfill His promise to him.  What things are you waiting on God for?

2.  Mary discerned that Simeon was part of God’s plan for her baby.  Who has God brought into your life as part of God’s plan for you?  Whose life are you a part of to do God’s work?

3.  Satisfaction comes when we know God will keep His promises.  What situations seem out of control right now?  How does knowing God’s dependability affect the way you feel about it?

4.  What are the things you expect to get satisfaction from in your life because you aren’t expecting it from God?  Why?

5.  How is God strengthening you right now?  Share the areas where you need encouragement right now.  Reflect on who God might be wanting you to bring strength to right now.

6.  Describe what Jesus means to you in a short phrase.  Then spend some time praising God in prayer (try to avoid requests, just thank Him for who He is and what He’s done in your life).