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1. God With Us  |  12/04/22

Study questions

1.  Read Matthew 1:18-23.  Compare who God is, what He's done and His complete lack of limitations, with who we are.  How does this affect your appreciation of “God with us”?

2.  Think through the Old Testament.  What are some examples of how humans have ignored or broken relationship with the God who wanted to have a relationship with them?

     a)  In what ways did God continue to live among His people despite their rejection?

3.  Read Nehemiah 9:16-21.  God had committed Himself by covenant to the Jews.  In a similar way, God has given us His Spirit to promise Himself to us eternally.  What is your response to knowing that God will never abandon you because you are His?

4.  How have you experienced God continually pursuing you?  How is God inviting you deeper into relationship with Him right now?

2. God With Us  |  12/11/22

Study questions

1.  Read Luke 1:30-31.  Why was Mary afraid?

     a)  What does it looks like for us to fear God yet not be afraid of Him, when we are saved?

2.  Read Luke 2:11-12.  Jesus was God taking a human form.  Now read Hebrews 2:17-18 and 4:15-16.  What are the implications of us having an empathetic Savior?

     a)  Read 4:16 again.  What are we invited to do when we struggle with temptation?  Why?

3.  Read Matthew 1:18-23.  Mary's growing stomach wasn't proof of unfaithfulness, but of faithfulness - God's faithfulness!  What things in your life that seem discouraging could actually be evidences of God faithfully working in your life?

4.  Read Luke 9:18-24.  Jesus was approachable, but He didn’t come to be popular.  Why did Jesus say He came (v22)? 

     a)  What did Jesus say our response to His coming should be (v23-24)?

5.  Read Luke 5:12-13 Jesus made Himself approachable so that He could forgive and heal you.  Where do you feel your need for Jesus to reach out His hand to you at the moment?

3. God With Us  |  12/18/22

Study questions

1.  Read Matthew 1:20-23.  How is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit the ultimate outcome in the bigger story of God throughout the Bible?

2.  Read John 14:16-17,23.  How is your life different because God lives in you?

3.  Read John 14:9-10.  How does the Father do His work through us, like He did through Jesus?

4.  Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-13.  When we received the Holy Spirit we were also baptized into the Church body.  What does this tell us about the importance of being an active part of the Church?

5.  Read 1 Corinthians 6:17-20.  Why is it so important for us to live holy lives?  

     a)  What are some implications of these verses for our everyday lives?

6.  Read Romans 8:26-27, and Philippians 2:13.  How do these verses encourage you?