Pastoral care begins in Life Groups

God's given us the mission of transforming lives in our communities through knowing and growing in relationship with Jesus. To achieve this we worship together, do life together, and serve together. Here at East Park, we do life together in Life Groups. It's only as we live together in intentional community that we learn and grow. We get to practice the one another's of scripture: love one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, serve one another and forgive one another.

If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus and contribute to the mission of East Park, you need to be in a Life Group. Contact and visit the Life Groups to prayerfully discern which group God wants you to be a part of.

  • jeronimo and rebecca cruz

    Bi-Weekly on Sunday's @ 12:30pm | 360-210-2378 | Children welcome

  • John and cynthia pendegraft

    Weekly on Sunday's @ 1:30pm | 559.859.3002

  • Brian and holly Yoho

    Weekly on Monday's @ 6:00pm | 503.680.3118 | Children welcome

  • Nate and Lynn Martin

    Weekly on Monday's @ 6:00pm | 248.302.4414 | Children welcome

  • Jeff and Chelsie kuhn

    Bi-Weekly on Tuesday's @ 6:00pm | 503.349.0568 | Children welcome

  • Bruce and carolyn goodwin

    Bi-Weekly on Wednesday's @ 6:00pm | 360.606.0326

  • Will and vickie mccreery

    Bi-Weekly Wednesday's @ 6:00pm | 971.275.0724

  • mark and toni bagnall

    Bi-Weekly on Thursday's @ 7:00pm | 360.326.8353

  • Jon and Jennifer goodwin

    Bi-Weekly on Thursday's @ 6:00pm | 334.750.0252 | Children welcome

  • Dave and Kim Lawson

    Bi-Weekly on Wednesday's @ 7:00pm | 425.306.5225