Twists & Turns

Kids camp is a day camp for preschool through 5th grade, taking place from July 24-28. This year, our theme is called Twists & Turns, and revolves around all sorts of games from Monopoly to Mario! Our main focus is that knowing Jesus changes the game. On this page you can find info on ways to volunteer, supplies needed, and prayer points for camp.

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Empty recycled materials:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Square boxes (Small, Medium & Large)
  • 12-pack soda boxes
  • Large coffee tins
  • Paper towel rolls
  • 2-liter bottles
  • 12-count egg cartons

Game Items:

  • Playing cards (OK if cards are missing)
  • Old board games (OK if pieces are missing)

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Kids Registration

To sign up your kids to attend, click here.

Volunteer Registration

To volunteer for the Kids Camp event, click here.

Workday Registration

To sign up for one or more workdays, click here.


Volunteers: Pray for the Kids Camp director and all leaders involved with the preparation and planning of Kids Camp. 

Resources: Pray that God will provide the volunteers and resources to best benefit the mission of Kids Camp; leading kids to accept Jesus. 


Relationships: Pray for kids, students, and adults who already follow Jesus to be challenged and encouraged to deepen their relationships with Him. 

New Leaders: Pray for courageous leaders who are willing to step into new roles or take on more leadership for Kids Camp. 

Energy: Ask God to give energy and stamina to leaders. 


Decorating: Pray for creativity as volunteers begin working on decorations and stage design. 

Activities: Pray that every activity will clearly communicates Jesus and teaches kids more about the truth of God and His Word. 


Thankfulness: Thank God in advance for the blessings and opportunities He will provide through Kids Camp. 

Trainings: Pray for the leader trainings, that leaders will become empowered and prepared to keep kids safe and share the good news of Jesus. 


Testimonies: Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the crew leaders and pray for opportunities for them to share their testimonies with their groups. 

Outreach: Pray about who YOU can invite, and ask God to bring kids and families who don't yet know Jesus. Ask God to help us love others like Jesus does. 


Sunshine & Safety: Pray for a week of good weather (no rain, not too hot, etc.) and for safety during all activities, travel times, and during drop-off & pick-up times. 

Follow-up: Ask God to bless the follow-up efforts to contact prospects and invite them to join other church activities.