• David Lawson - Lead pastor/elder

    Dave has been married to Kim for 30 years and they have 3 children and one grand child on the way. After a background in architecture, Dave was a youth pastor for 5 years before becoming a lead pastor for the past 28 years.  He considers the 80’s to be the pinnacle of human development, especially in the fields of fashion and music, and loves sport, spending time with his family, and singing loudly to power ballads.  Dave is passionate about making Biblical truth accessible, and developing leaders to fulfill the mission of the church.

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    Courtney loves to spend time outside, soaking in the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest by hiking or camping or just relaxing in a hammock.  She and her husband Carl are lovers of board games and video games where they get to socialize and spend time with family or friends.  They got married in 2017 after 4 years of long distance and now have a two-year-old daughter, Danielle, whose energy level is a challenge to keep up with!  Courtney’s been involved in ministry as a youth leader for most of her life and is passionate about sharing Jesus with children and working with leaders to empower kids to take control of their own faith.

  • Noah fultz - youth pastor

    Noah grew up in the small town of Ellensburg, Washington, and married Ashley in September 2019. Being a people-person, Noah enjoys time with people, especially if it involves video games, sports, board games and/or food. If he had to choose, he would listen to instrumental music over music with lyrics; everything from orchestral, EDM, ambient, and everything in between. While he has served on the worship team and in youth ministry, Noah has primarily worked in Children's Ministry, working most closely with Elementary students. He longs to see Christ become a greater part in the lives of those in the church and the community at large.

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  • Nick Layton - Worship pastor

    Nick, a rocker at heart, has two siblings, an older sister who was given up for adoption when his mother was very young, and a younger brother.  Through God’s grace, Nick’s sister reconnected with the family in the late 1990’s and has grown very close with Nick.  Nick did a great job growing up, showing his brother what not to do.  Nick is a talented musician who plays, writes and records music.  Nick also manages several bands in his “free” time.  Nick loves all the great rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s and loves to see how God uses song, melody and lyrics to move people closer to Him.

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  • Jason blanchard - Elder

    Jason grew up in Newark, CA, as the youngest child, in a busy family of four.  At Simpson College he met the love of his life, Melissa, on his first day on campus.  Two weeks after graduation they were married.  After about 6 years in San Jose, CA, they moved to Vancouver, WA,  where they still live with three children.  Jason owns a financial planning business with his brother.  He’s passionate about serving his community, volunteering at the Evergreen School District Foundation, coaching youth basketball, and serving at East Park.

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  • toni bagnall - community outreach

    Toni has been married to Mark for 32 years and has four grown children and two grandchildren. They led a children’s ministry and VBS in a Portland church for years before coming to East Park. Toni works at Cascade Middle School and loves to paint, watch football and hang out with friends and family. Being an 80’s girl she loves 80’s music with a bit of country thrown in. She loves water and is happiest when she’s near water, so her dream is to have a cabin on a lake somewhere.

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  • Bobby Johnson - elder

    Bobby and Leah married in the Spring of 2008 and have 4 children.  Over the years Bobby’s led men’s ministry, mentorships, bible study groups and a Life Group.  As a businessman he leads with the biblical values of his faith.  Bobby’s into farming, scouting, hunting, travel and fitness.  A child of the 70’s he enjoys a great rock ballad, a good steak and IPA, gathering with friends and helping the community. 

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  • Brian yoho - Elder

    Brian’s been married to Holly for 20 years.  Brian was a youth pastor and intern for about 10 years, and has been involved with leading youth for almost 30 years.  He’s a middle school teacher, a huge Timbers fan, he loves to read sci-fi/fantasy novels, and plays disc golf and Pokemon with their son Nikk.  His favorite singers are Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble and he’d play Christmas music all year if he could get away with it!  His claim to fame is hanging out with the Night Court cast, and visiting the UK and Ireland are on his bucket list.

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  • Raelyn brock - administrator

    Raelyn and Peyton recently married in 2021 after dating for 6 years!  Besides being our Church Administrator she works in direct sales through social media.  Raelyn loves meeting new people, learning new skills, spending time with God, traveling, making spontaneous decisions, and playing sport—CrossFit is her latest way to be active.  Raelyn enjoys listening to music that provokes happy emotions, and to podcasts she can learn from, and she’s a foodie who will try anything but has a special love for dill pickles and caesar salad.

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  • matt stiller - elder

    Matt grew up in Portland, met Valerie in high school and they married just after college—28 years ago, and have been at EastPark for 20 years. After graduating from Multnomah University, except for 7 years at Medical Teams International, Matt's worked in the construction industry. Their son Mason is working on a second Bachelor's degree in computer science and their daughter Julia is at Western University majoring in science and technology. Since Matt's knees have increasingly objected over recent years, he's transitioned from basketball to kayaking, hiking and fishing. He and Val love waterskiing for the three weeks of warm non-windy weather we enjoy every glorious summer in the PNW.

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  • jeronimo cruz - elder

    Jeronimo was born in Guatemala, where he graduated from a junior military academy.  He graduated from Oregon State University and after college started working for Kiewit Construction, the company he still works for.  He and Rebecca married in 2000.  They have two teenage daughters, two small boys, and two kittens, and they joined East Park in 2015.  He loves spending time with his family, the outdoors, beekeeping, exercising, audiobooks, working on his project car, and mentoring young people. 

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  • Vince HArmsen - ELDER

    After 39 years of marriage Vince and Brenda have two sons, a daughter in law and three amazing granddaughters.  This is Vince’s second rodeo—he served as an elder from ’04-’11 and since then has been involved in Life Groups, men’s groups, and in Children’s Ministry with Brenda.  Vince enjoys golf and racquetball, and playing cards with friends.  He loves good music from the 60’s and 70’s and road trips with Brenda.

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