Part 1: "It's Not About Sunday, It's All About Monday"  |  09/13/20

Study Questions

1.  Read Exodus 14:31, 16:4 and 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.  How has God used these last 6 months to develop your faith?

     a)  In what ways do you realize you have perhaps missed or resisted the opportunity to grow?

2.  It’s not about Sunday, it’s all about Monday.  What is the role of Sunday (weekend gatherings) in the life of a Christian?  

     a)  How can you encourage someone this week?

3.  Think about the ‘dead horses’ in your life—the things that prop up your faith but actually don’t grow your faith.  What changes in priorities or values or activities do you sense God wants you to make in order to ‘make room’ for actual spiritual growth?

4.  With the Prayer and Fasting week starting, share how you are planning to participate, and think of how you can encourage and spur others on in doing this too.