40 days of prayer

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Part 1: Reawakening to the Glory of Christ  |  1/9/22

Study questions

1.  The purpose of Week One of '40 Days of Prayer' is reawakening ourselves to the glory of Christ.  In what ways do you sense a need for a fresh awareness of God in your life?

2.  What experiences have you had of God and His glory that have been genuine turning points in your life?

     a)  What is your response to hearing other's share their experiences and testimonies?

3.  Read Philippians 2:5-11.  How is obedience related to God being glorified? 

4.  Read Revelation 3:1-3.  How do you sense yourself responding to these verses?

5.  Read 1 John 3:9 and Romans 8:11.  Because spiritual renewal comes from God in us, spend some time in silent prayer committing yourself to what the Spirit wants to do in and through you.  1) Confess anything the Spirit brings to mind.  2) Ask Him to show you what step He wants you to take next.  3) Stay silent and let Him examine you.  Ask Him whether you’re running away from anything He wants you to work through with Him.  4) Ask him to fill you with His love for others.  Pray for people you are in relationship with who need Jesus.

     a)  Come back together as a group and share anything God spoke to you about in prayer.

Part 2: Awakening to the Glory of Christ  |  1/16/22

Study questions

1.  What impact does a lack of confidence in our faith have on us as Christians?

2.  What makes you sometimes have doubts about Jesus?

3.  Read Hebrews 2:10-18.  How does Jesus’ shared experience with you (His humanity) encourage you? 

     a) Why did Jesus consider that shared experience vital to what He had come to achieve?

4.  Read Hebrews 9:11-15. Our forgiveness is a gift, but it wasn’t free.  Spend a few moments  in silence considering the cost of your conscience being cleansed.  Reflect on your attitude to current sin in your life.  How powerful do you really believe the death of Christ is? 

     a)  Is there anything you are carrying the shame  of unnecessarily? 

     b)  Do you treat His death as precious, or are you flippant about your sin and salvation?

5. Read Romans 8:31-39.  How confident can we be?

6. Thank God for what He has done for you.