The Problem  |  03/29/20

Study Questions for 2020 Easter Series, Part 1

1.  Adam tried to deflect the guilt of his sin, first blaming Eve and inferring God was responsible because he created Eve.  How do we try to deflect the blame for our sin?

2.  There are four typical responses to sin: a) make a greater effort to be good, b) hide from God, c) justify our sin by comparing ourselves to others, d) go on sinning knowing God will show us grace.  Which response best describes you?  Why?

3.  Read Romans 3:23.  What does it mean to 'fall short of the glory of God"?  

     a)  How is 'falling short of God's glory' most often seen in your life?

4.  Read Romans 3:27-28.  Why is it important to understand and 'feel' our sinfulness?  Why is it good for us to be aware of our ongoing sinfulness?  

5.  Read Romans 2:4.  Where does our hope come from?