Part 1: Promise - God Living Within Us  |  12/08/19

Study Questions for 2019 Christmas Series

1.  Jesus fulfilled more than 300 of God's promises (prophecies) in his life.  What does that do to your faith and confidence God?

2.  Read Isaiah 7:5-14, Luke 1:26-35 and Matthew 1:18-23.  God's promise to King Ahaz wasn't fulfilled until 700 years later.  How does God's greater plan to 'save his people' influence the way we deal with disappointment with God and our unfulfilled expectations of our lives?

3.  Read Philippians 2:13 and Ezekiel 36:26-27.  What does 'God in us' enable us (you) to be and do?

4.  Because Mary was pregnant with God's son, it impacted her expectations of her life.  In what ways should we expect life to be different because God's Spirit lives within us?

     a)  Read Hebrews 12:7, Psalm 23:4 and Romans 7:21-22.  How can we reconcile our struggles with God's promise that he's always within us?

5.  Read 2 Corinthians 1:20.  How can your life be lived as an 'Amen' to God's 'Yes' in Jesus?

     a)  Share what you're asking God to give you faith for right now.  Pray in pairs for each other.